TheSpiderman (SPDR) Decentralization Thoughts

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·Jan 3, 2022·

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TheSpiderman (SPDR) Decentralization Thoughts

The debate between those who think decentralization is binary & those who think it's a spectrum is a fascinating one that speaks to how web3 is as much about redefining how society coordinates/establishes governance as it is about emerging technology.

At SPDR, we agree with the latter opinion (decentralization is a spectrum). However, we also feel the discussion should really be focused on creating multiple layers of decentralization, permissioned blockchains and private blockchains.

We think that the best path towards decentralization is to embrace multiple blockchains.

As our ecosystem grows to accommodate multiple interoperable blockchains, it is vital that these blockchains are able to operate under different consensus mechanisms.

We are working to achieve an ecosystem that is built on 3 layers of decentralization: One Chain (Where we are now) → Multi-Chain → Multi-Consensus

The diversity of blockchains and consensus mechanisms is what makes for a truly decentralized and censorship-resistant crypto-economy, which is the goal the industry should be striving for.

Many people are fighting over which blockchain is more decentralized or scalable, the growth of L0 networks like SPDR along with the new L1’s this past year (Solana, Avalanche, Algorand etc.) is proof that a diverse multi-layered ecosystem is already being created organically

As long as our industry continues to be based on open source technology, those who have a strong opinion about the true nature of decentralization will express them through code and create their version of what the ideal blockchain should look like.

Each builder's unique blockchain contributes to the overall decentralization of our ecosystem.

Fortunately, on SPDR, there’s enough room for everyone to exist along the spectrum of decentralization that they are most comfortable with, which is what makes our network a truly unique place to build on.

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