TheSpiderman (SPDR) Blockchain and Supply Chain Use Case

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·Jan 2, 2022·

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TheSpiderman (SPDR) Blockchain and Supply Chain Use Case

Features of blockchain in the supply chain

  1. Consensus

  2. Provenance

  3. Immutability

  4. Finality

The key benefits of blockchain for supply chain management

  1. Replacing slow, manual processes

  2. Strengthening traceability

  3. Reducing supply chain transaction costs

  4. Accelerating supply chain processes

  5. Creating the ethical supply chain

In this blog, we want to provide a very simple example of using SPDR blockchain for Supply Chain management.

​​Application Flow

  1. Users are enrolled into the application by an Admin.

  2. New Products will be created by the Manufacturer only.

  3. Then the Product will be sent to WholeSeller

  4. Wholesalers will send the product to the Distributor.

  5. Distributor will send it to Retailer

  6. Consumer could place the order

  7. Consumer will mark as Delivered once the product is delivered

SPDR Blockchain setup details

  1. Three Orgs (Manufacturer/MiddleMen/Consumer)

  2. Five peers

  3. One Orderer (Org1)

  4. One Channel

  5. Three Certificate Authority (Each org 1 CA)

  6. Fabric network implemented with Fabric CA as certificate authority.

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